Qene Games is an award-winning pan-African game development studio based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Established in 2016 as the first gaming studio in Ethiopia, we are a team of passionate software developers, mechanical, civil, and electrical engineers, architects, business majors, economists, and dropouts turned gaming professionals. Our first mobile game, Kukulu, won the AppsAfrica award for Best Media & Entertainment App in 2018. Our second mobile game, Gebeta, won the even more prestigious AppsAfrica award for Best App of the Year in 2020.

It is great pleasure and honor for us to represent Ethiopian and African culture, artistic style, and music in our games that have players all around the world.

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Winner of Apps-Africa 2018 Award for Best Entertainment Solution

On a holiday morning in the magical land of Ethiopia, Kukulu, the brave chicken, is about to be slaughtered by her captive farmer. Can you help her escape and run for her life?

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Welcome to Gebeta, the new and updated version of the world’s favorite board game : Mancala, also known as Congkak or Kalah. Play the classic mancala board game you know and love, now with special power-ups and boosters!

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Winner of appsAfrica 2020 Award for Best App of the Year

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