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Qene Games is an award-winning software development firm based in Ethiopia. We build visually rich and engaging mobile games that you can enjoy, share and love.

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  • Kukulu

    Kukulu is a disruptive and premium 3D mobile game. The game was built for Android platforms using Unity Game Engine and many Native Android Plugins that handled integrations with local payment APIs

  • Gebeta

    Gebeta takes the simple age-old game of Gebe!Ta, the Mancala game played in Ethiopia, and transforms it into a modern, lively and addictive mobile gaming experience.

  • Feta

    Feta is a puzzle sliding android and iOS game. The game has a variety of difficulty levels and selection of pictures that players can pick from.We have also built an API that allows the game admins to upload new pictures so that players can enjoy new and relevant content.

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