The First 3D Mobile Game to come out of Ethiopia

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About Us

Qene Technologies is a startup software company founded and located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, currently focused on developing games. Our aim is to represent the country’s rich and beautiful culture in the global gaming and entertainment industry where it is currently highly underrepresented. We strive to set high standards as we pioneer into the uncharted gaming industry of Africa.

Why Games

Games are fun and relaxing environments for people to enjoy themselves while developing their creativity, learning core values and getting inspired. We believe that it’s vital for our youth to find entertainment in ways that they relate to and feel a part of. We want our children to grow up proud and happy of their origin so that they can believe in themselves and their capability to achieve greatness. And it is our hope to inspire many in the creative and technology industry to join in our cause


In our “Mobile-First” continent, we believe that mobile games are the best way to reach the vast majority of our target market and to spread our products across the continent. Our games will be available for Android and iOS platforms, while support for other popular mobile platforms is currently underway.